Clean Even More Areas With These Accessories
For The Kärcher PowerSqueegee/Window Vac.

Window Vac Cleaning Outdoor Window

Extension Wand

With the optional Extension Wand, the PowerSqueegee can be used to clean difficult areas such as large or overhead windows. The wand extends up to 6.5 feet with a flexible joint to match the angle of your cleaning surface. Works great on second story interior and exterior home windows that can be hard to reach. Includes a microfiber cloth that can be treated with your favorite cleaning soution to prep the windows before you "power squeegee" them!

Power Squeegee Cleaning Mirror

Small Suction Nozzle

Need to clean smaller areas like the glass panes on French Doors? The Small Suction Nozzle is available to help the PowerSqueegee navigate tighter areas. At only 6" wide, it also works well with appliances, exterior and interior vehicle windows, etc. To use, simply remove the standard 11" suction nozzle from the PowerSqueegee and insert the smaller one. The nozzles are interchangeable and increase the versatility of the PowerSqueegee.

Power Squeegee Cleaning High Overhead Window

Spray Bottle with Microfiber Cloth

The spray bottle included in this offer can be purchased separately and makes working with the PowerSqueegee / Window Vac even easier! Use the spray bottle to prep the area you want to squeegee. Spray the solution of your choice (a sample of Karcher's Cleaning Concentrate is included!) and use the washable microfiber cloth to help dissolve dirt/grime before vacuuming away with the PowerSqueegee.

Window Vac Cleaning Car Window

Window Cleaner Concentrate

If you love the clean scent and cleaning results you get from the Karcher Window Cleaner Concentrate included in this offer, you can now order convenient refills. Each package includes four pouches of concentrate. To use, simply empty the contents of one pouch into the Spray Bottle and add water until the bottle is full. You are now ready to clean your windows better than ever before, and this formula contains ingredients to help keep your windows cleaner longer!

Standard Replacement Squeegee Blades

The standard replacement blades are 11" wide and are the recommended replacements for the blades included with the PowerSquegee/Window Vac.

Window Vac Cleaning French Windows

Small Replacement Squeegee Blades

The small replacement blades are 6" wide and are the recommended replacements for the blades included with the Small Suction Nozzle accessory (shown above) for the PowerSquegee/Window Vac.