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Power Squeegee Window Vac

The Kärcher WV50 Window Vac

No Drips. No Streaks. Extremely Versatile.

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Meet the Kärcher Window Vac with PowerSqueegee™ Technology

How PowerSqueegee Technology Works

Unveil brighter, cleaner windows and other surfaces with your Window Vac™ in a few easy steps:

  • Fill the spray bottle with the included cleaning concentrate and water (or fill with your favorite cleaner)
  • Spray the surface you want to clean (windows, glass, tile, etc.)
  • Use the cloth head on the spray bottle to evenly spread the cleaning solution
  • Turn on the Kärcher Window Vac
  • Vacuum the window/surface by running the blade from top to bottom, leaving the area streak-free and squeaky clean!

Everything That's Included

  1. The German-engineered Kärcher Window Vac™ with on-board vacuum, powered by an advanced lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  2. Spray Bottle With Microfiber Head that sprays the cleaning solution of your choice and helps to loosen dirt and grime. The microfiber cloth is easily removed and machine washable!
  3. A Double Layered 11" Neoprene Blade to clean along any surface, eliminating streaks and drips with edge-to-edge suction.
  4. A bonus sample of Kärcher's concentrated cleaning solution.
  5. A power adapter for easy recharging of the unit.
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The Kärcher Guarantee

Your order is backed by the Kärcher 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We guarantee you'll love your new Window Vac or we'll refund your money for the product, no questions asked. Pay only for shipping – return shipping is the responsibility of the consumer.

If you decide to keep your Window Vac, you can be assured that your purchase is protected by the industry-leading Rapid Exchange warranty.

To find out more about Rapid Exchange go to karcher.com/us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
WV 50 Window Vac™ Key Features:
PowerSqueegee Technology
Ergonomic Design
Double Layered 11" Neoprene Blades
Removable Sections
Rubberized Stopper
Convenient On/Off Switch
Removable 3.5 oz. Fluid Reservoir
Ultra Quiet Motor
Lithium-ion Battery
Kärcher Power Squeegee Line Drawing

From Windows To Showers, The Window Vac Cleans It All

Window Vac Cleaning Outdoor Window

Window Cleaning

Paper towels are expensive and leave behind streaks. Most squeegees drip dirty cleaning solution on your windowsill and floor. The Window Vac cleans without streaks or drips, the perfect tool for cleaning interior and exterior windows!

Power Squeegee Cleaning Mirror

Bathroom Surfaces

The Window Vac excels at cleaning bathrooms. Use it after showering to easily prevent spots on shower doors and tiles. And it removes condensation on mirrors more quickly than a blow dryer and without the streaks that towels leave behind.

Power Squeegee Cleaning High Overhead Window

Hard to Reach Areas

With the optional Extension Wand, the Window Vac can be used to clean difficult areas such as large or overhead windows. The wand extends up to 6.5 feet with a flexible joint to match the angle of your cleaning surface. Available at checkout.

Window Vac Cleaning Car Window

Car/SUV Windows

The Window Vac is the ideal companion for cleaning your vehicle's windows. With traditional squeegees the cleaning fluid can run down on the vehicle's paint. The PowerSqueegee vacuums away all the cleaning fluid. Also works on car interiors!

Power Squeegee Cleaning Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Doors

Which windows in the home require the most freqent cleaning? Those in sliding glass doors. From hand prints to paw prints, it can be a real chore to keep your glass doors clean. The Window Vac makes quick work of this chore, without drips or streaks!

Window Vac Cleaning French Windows

French Doors

Need to clean smaller areas like the glass panes on French Doors? An optional Small Suction Nozzle is available to help the Window Vac navigate tighter areas. At only 6" wide, it also works well with appliances, vehicles, etc. Available at checkout.


What Customers Are Saying About The Kärcher Window Vac

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Kärcher invented the Window Vac in Germany and initially launched it in Europe. More than 10 million units have been sold around the globe to date, and we are now pleased to now offer this innovative product in North America. The exact model on offer here is the "WV50 Plus", which includes the award-winning Window Vac and a spray bottle with microfiber cloth (as shown above). When the model was first launched in North America it was called "PowerSqueegee" but is now called "Window Vac with PowerSqueegee Technology" so that customers worldwide will recognize the product.

Cleaning with paper towels requires a lot of physical effort, is time-consuming and inefficient. The results are usually less than satisfactory, leaving behind streaks as well as lint on the surface. Additionally, there is a lot of waste, often a wastebasket full of expensive paper towels! The Window Vac eliminates the need for paper towels altogether. Use the included Spray Bottle to apply the cleaning fluid of your choice, wipe the surface if needed with the microfiber cloth, and then use the Window Vac to vacuum away the fluid, leaving behind a surface that is sqeaky clean without streaks.

Regular squeegees make a mess on the floor or window casing as you clean, due to drips and runoff. The Window Vac vacuums away the fluid as you clean, eliminating the dripping, leaving the surrounding areas dry and free of cleaning fluid.

Other than windows, the Window Vac can also clean mirrors, shower areas, tiles, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, appliance doors, glass tables and many other household areas. It works great on vehicle windows! Please note that the Window Vac it is not designed to pick up large spills, harmful or caustic liquids, or solid matter.

The spray bottle is perfect for applying cleaning solution to windows and other flat surfaces. A sample of Kärcher’s cleaning fluid is included to get you started (users love the fresh lemon scent!). The first step is to spray the window/surface to coat it with cleaning fluid, then use the integrated microfiber cloth to work the cleaning fluid around, making sure the entire area is coated. Lastly, use the Window Vac to vacuum away all of the fluid, leaving the window/surface squeaky clean!

Yes, the Window Vac is designed to be used with a wide variety of window and household surface cleaning solutions, just be sure the solution is non-caustic and does not contain bleach (you wouldn't want to use those chemicals in your home anyway, right?)

The Window Vac uses an advanced lithium-ion battery technology that is designed to last the lifetime of the product, so it never needs to be changed.

The Window Vac is very lightweight, only 1.5 pounds! This makes it easy for users of all ages to hold and operate.

The Window Vac provides 20+ minutes of continuous cleaning time after each full charge. That is more than sufficient to clean the windows in an average size home.

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